Dr. Nutan Kher

  • Reiki Grandmaster
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • EFT Practitioner
  • NLP Breakthrough Coach
  • Matrix Practitioner
  • Chakra Healer


" Let no one say goodbye to you without feeling happier.... "


Reiki Course

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique.

Chakra Workshop

Combination of traditional medicine & alternative therapy.

Helps you to attract money now in your life. 

Healing Session

Helps you to attract money now in your life. 


Dr. Nutan Kher: A name that evokes happiness in millions of lives.

Dr. Nutan was born with natural abilities to understand eternal cosmic energies and their effect on our lives. Infinite vibrations and frequencies are present at any given moment & could be used for creating a beautiful life filled with infinite celebrations. What restricts us needs to be healed. Dr. Nutan since her childhood is able to do this naturally.
Every life event paved way for her to heal the world with her special abilities. Be it family environment or formal learning, everything pushed her in only one direction – ‘healing consciousnesses’. And at every stage in her life she believed and took the roads less travelled by listening to her inner voice and devoting her life for this cause.

Dr Nutan Kher believes that Mother Nature has given her inspiration to trust in the process of ‘lights’ and completely follows it.


Jan, 2021

Reiki Certificate courses


July, 2019

Prosperity Workshop


Sep, 2019

Chakra Workshop


Feb, 2019

Meditation Session

More upcoming workshop

Chakra Workshop. Prosperity Workshop. Healing Workshop. Meditation Workshop.

Happy clients

I met Nutan in April 2015 at Yoga school in Rishikesh, It’s my first time in India, I traveled all the way from Taiwan, everything  are so overwhelming for me, and while we were at school, practice yoga asana twice a day, eat clean food, sleep early, pretty healthy life, I still got sick for no reason, I got fever, diarrhea, constipation at the same time, i never felt this pain before, I felt depressed  and homesick, i didnt want to take any medicine,however, I took antibiotics, the sickness still kept happening. I felt hopeless.
I met Nutan in cafeteria she sitting next to me, I barely eat food, we start the conversation about my situation, and she said that she can help me with Reiki, oh well, it’s my first time to hear about Reiki, I dont know what it is, but during our conversation I felt so safe and protected, Nutan has a special energy that makes you so comfortable and loved, and then she gave me reiki healing 3 times, each time I felt better and better,  just like healed by the great unconditional love,  turned out my all sickness gone without any medicine, it’s a miracle!!!! It’s  a special experience for me, also Nutan plays the important role in my life, she encourage and inspire me to be a healer. now im on the path to be healer. I appreciate Nutan from my heart, such a big heart, beautiful human being.

Yoanna Pan

Thank you for sharing your wonderful goodness with my daughter yesterday.  You gave her support and helped guide her in immeasurable ways. You have a gift.

Melissa Gomez
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