Hi, my name is Dr. Nutan Kher

Let no one say goodbye to you without feeling happier.

A few words about me

Dr. Nutan (Reiki Grandmaster, Holistic Healer and Prosperity workshop leader in india) was born with natural abilities to understand eternal cosmic energies and their effect on our lives. Infinite vibrations and frequencies are present at any given moment. And could be used for creating a beautiful life filled with infinite celebrations. What restricts us needs to be healed. Dr .Nutan since her childhood is able to do this naturally.
Every life event paved way for her to heal the world with her special abilities. Be it family environment or formal learning, everything pushed her in only one direction – ‘healing consciousnesses’. And at every stage in her life she believed and took the roads less travelled by listening to her inner voice and devoting her life for this cause.

Dr Nutan Kher believes that Mother Nature has given her inspiration to trust in the process of ‘lights’ and completely follows it. She has infinite supply of love and light in her life which passes through her to heal Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. She has been gifted with this natural and  instinctive ability since childhood. In her early days she could foresee future in dreams. With every dream coming true her belief in her intuitive abilities grew stronger. Due to her shy nature she did not shared this special ability with any family member or close friend, but the trust in her intuitive abilities grew stronger every day. Intuition is not only her special ability; she can alter the future course with her prayers and optimistic mindset. Since childhood she gave healing to people who were suffering in pain due to unpleasant events in their lives. As a result, situations altered and pain was relieved, this too when she had not learnt any healing technique. She was just healing through her thought and everyone was getting blessed with her natural gift. She was silently healing but never acknowledged to anyone about it.


Dr Nutan’s quest for knowledge knew no boundaries. She learnt that our shastras are the source of all universal wisdom. Her passion to learn from our ancient Indian scriptures was so strong that to do so she even learnt Sanskrit. It helped her to quench her thirst for ancient Indian knowledge by throughly understanding our scriptures. She discovered various healing modalities along with 4000 yrs – 5000 yrs old life changing facts about our lives, cosmic vibrations and healing frequencies. Be it Vedas, Upnishads or any other ancient scriptures, she left no stone unturned to discover the truth in them.
Dr Nutan’s research was so intense that in the process she even acquired the doctorate degree in ancient Indian History. It not only connected her with our past but also gave her wisdom to lead entire humanity and future generations.
She has many formal credits in healing modalities, namely; Prosperity Workshop Leader, Holistic Healer, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, EFT Matrices Practitioner, NLP Breakthrough Coach, Crystals Healer, Angel Healer and Angel Card Reader to name a few. She also practices Aura Reading, Vibration Reading and Flower Therapy which comes naturally to her.
Dr Nutan is Best Reiki Grandmaster in Delhi. She is a Famous Reiki Healer & Prosperity Workshop leader in Delhi/ India. crystal healing workshops in India.

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Reiki Grandmaster, Holistic Healer and Prosperity workshop leader in India

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Reiki Grandmaster
Clinical Hypnotherapist
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NLP Breakthrough Coach
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