What are chakras?

The word ‘chakra’ means wheel. You can think of a chakra as a vortex-like field of energy. Very fine energy channels run in the body. These are called nadis. You can compare them with the meridians from Chinese medicine. There are tens of thousands of nadis. These energy channels flow over and into the entire body and connect body parts, organs, senses, and the mind with each other. At the intersections of the nadis are energy centres called chakras. In the chakras the energy, also called prana – the all-pervading and vital life force – is transformed into more specific useful energies, each of which makes its own contribution to your physical, mental and spiritual development. Seven main chakras, also called levels of consciousness, are located along the spine. From Muladhara, the first chakra, around the tail vertebrae to Sahasrara, the seventh chakra around the fontanelle. Good to realize that the chakras are connected with each other and can be seen as one swirling field with transformation centres.


On seven Saturdays, 1 chakra is central. You will encounter the characteristics of the chakra with asanas (postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), mantras, and knowledge. Awareness of the weakness or strength of a particular chakra is stimulated and how you can strengthen and even open one or more chakras. The underlying knowledge and backgrounds offer you an opportunity for awareness, reflection, transformation, and the effect on your daily life in behaviour and actions.

Feel free to follow 1 or more workshops. Since the different chakras are interconnected, it can be nice to participate in all workshops. Even though one chakra may appeal to you more than another chakra.


Teacher at Prosperity Workshop

Yoga makes me earthy and clear. It was through physical discomfort that I discovered Hatha yoga. Deeply touched what it brought me: a natural connection between body and mind, which makes life lighter. Sharing this is my passion. My style is varied, pure, and with both feet on the ground. The chakras form a common thread. You experience strength and relaxation, both mentally and physically and you meet an inner peace, carried by the breath. The Saswitha training is my basis, supplemented with various additional training courses at home and abroad. With the existence of Yoga Bloemendaal since the summer of 2013, passion and connection with like-minded people coincide. I also collaborate with other yoga schools and institutions to allow the power and effect of yoga to flourish and grow.

Vishuddha Chakra, The Fifth Chakra – Finding Voice, Expression & Reflection

By calling, Facebooking or sending a text message, we fill the “scary” and “stuffy” silence with sound or action. Sitting on a patio and doing nothing while waiting for a friend is almost unthinkable! By experiencing emptiness and silence – akasha – you meet desires, fears and reflect on a deeper level of consciousness. This energy center is connected to your voice, the throat. Do you express your needs clearly and in a loving way?

Ajna Chakra, Sixth Chakra – Consciousness, Vision & Wisdom

This energy lies in the third eye, in which the opposites dissolve. The chakra of inner wisdom. From thinking to feeling. You practice stilling and holding the asanas for longer, which creates pure awareness and insight. Discover inspiration and your vision!

Sahasrara Chakra, seventh chakra – Connectedness, clarity & openness

Your fontanelle, the crown of the head, is the point of the seventh chakra. The original connection to the universe. From your 3rd this point closes more and more, connection fades. It is not for nothing that young children have very wise comments! In this center everything comes together, unity arises and contentment with all that is, santosha.