Yoga + Prosperity Workshops - The Door Towards Positivity

Is prosperity restricted to just money?

According to the dictionary reference, prosperity refers to money and riches, but in reality, it is so much more than accomplishments! It’s a state of happiness, health, mental satisfaction, and abundance in all aspects of life. Prosperity often encompasses wealth, but also include other factors that are sometimes independent of wealth – for example – happiness and health.

How can an individual work on drawing prosperity into their life?

The key is to work on their core beliefs. People must be extra careful with their thoughts because all the thoughts work at a frequency. And, this frequency circumscribes what people attract in their world. Some common misconceptions are there that hold people back. These include –  Money is the root cause of all evil  People without any morals or ethics are the ones with lots of money. Many people believe that with money, one loses their morals and becomes dishonest. This is the conditioning and behavioral process that many in society are accustomed to, and this is a major block to prosperity.

Are You Ready to mount above your current earnings? Do you feel excited to experience more financial comfort & abundance?

We suggest you attend some prosperity workshops. It will help you to stimulate your brain towards multiplying the resources.

Why Prosperity workshop?

Sometimes there is a kind of mindset that blocks us from prosperity. And, in such cases, real strategic and practical steps need to be taken to achieve financial security and abundance.’

Moreover, sometimes your body itself subverts our efforts to escape from such ‘struggles’. Our body acts as a protector – a nervous system that functions on alert, renouncing the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the new, – even when this is what we wish for: the sense of having plenty, of prosperity, and abundance!

The prosperity workshop is outlined to allow the prosperity you covet into your life. If you are disappointed by your current state, there are possibly conscious and unconscious blocks preventing a new reality from manifesting to you.

Our Workshop will support a new way forward

By integrating & aligning the emotional, mental, and physical experience of accomplishment in our bodies, we expand and allow more options to generate wealth into our lives.

With our prosperity workshop comprising action-oriented exercises, sound healing, yoga, journaling, meditation, and expert guidance, you will experience a process to

  • Open
  • Identify
  • Heal
  • Plan
  • Integrate
  • Support
  • Restore
The practices and rituals that you teach at the prosperity workshop – how can these be consolidated in a busy life such as ours?

The rituals that are taught during the prosperity workshop are very easy and simple to bring into practice. They don’t take up too much time. Also, among all the customs that you will learn about, not all must be practiced at the same time. The ones that resonate most with one’s current state of being are the ones that should be practiced.