Reiki Level 1

  • Student conceive attunements which align and open their energy centers to Reiki. They learn the history of Reiki, the basic hand positions for treatment of self and others, and many different ways Reiki can be used in our every day life. Class time is provided for, students to practice Reiki on themselves and on other students.
  • Upon completion you will be certified as a 1st Degree Traditional Reiki Practitioner. This is complete by it self; you have Reiki for life. Reiki will help your self transformation to achieve self awareness.

The Attunement :

  • Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.
  • The Reiki attunement is powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the Reiki or God-consciousness and makes adjustments in the process depending on the needs of each student. The attunement is also attended by Reiki guides and other Spiritual beings who help implement the process. Many report of having mystical experiences have been observed involving personal messages, healing, vision’s, and past life experiences.
  • The attunement can also increase psychic sensitivity. Some students report experiences involving; opening of the third eye, increased intuitive awareness, and other psychic abilities after receiving a Reiki attunement.
  • Once you have received a Reiki Attunement, you will have Reiki for whole life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it. Experimentation has found that additional attunements of the same level add to the value of that level. These benefits include refinement of the Reiki energy, increased strength of the energy, healing of personal problems, clarity of mind, increased psychic sensitivity and raised level of consciousness
  • The Reiki attunement can start a cleansing process that affects the physical body as well as mind and emotions. Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thought patterns that no longer useful.